Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Alien Dude Full Color Interior Illustration Sample

Above is an illustration sample I finished recently. This is for my original book concept, "Alien Dude Makes Space Pizza". It depicts Alien Dude gathering some important Space Pizza ingredients from between a giant Gruncher's toes. The Gruncher wakes up and our heroes, Alien Dude and Shrip, have to skip town in a hurry. 

I included a high quality print of this image with my "snail-mail" submissions of my Alien Dude dummy book to prospective publishers. I sent out my submission packages about three weeks ago. I have received one reply so far. The editor had positive things to say about the work but was not interested in publishing it. I'm thankful for any response, positive or negative. Every response just encourages me to keep pushing harder and creating better and better material. I'm saving all of my rejection letters so that one day when I finally crack this nut I can look back and remember fondly the bumps in the road along the way.

Thanks for visiting! More art soon!

All characters and concepts are copyright Tom Travers 2012.