Sunday, August 12, 2012

Alien Dude Progress

 I recently completed my dummy book for "Alien Dude Makes Space Pizza", Alien dude's first official adventure. The dummy is a rough version of what I envision the finished book looking like. All of the art in the dummy is done in rough pencil. The text is placed in the book in a very basic manner. The goal of the dummy is to show prospective publishers the story and characters and the overall potential of the idea.

The color image above is a quick sketch I did to test some illustration techniques. I like the way that this drawing turned out and I plan to use a similar, though more refined, style to complete some finished full color illustration samples featuring Alien Dude. I will include reproductions of the full color illustrations with my dummy book submission to publishers. I want publishers to see me as both a writer and an illustrator, someone capable of both conceiving of a story and bringing it to a finished stage visually.

This is the pencil art I used for the cover of the dummy book.

I'll be sending submissions to roughly twenty editors in hopes that someone may be interested in publishing the book. Wish me luck!!

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